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HDPE формован челен синтез, равен тройник за източване на канализация за водоснабдяване

Материал: 100% девствена суровина
Размер: dn63mm-dn800mm (външен диаметър) 
Налягане: SDR17 PN10, SDR13.6 PN12.5, SDR11 PN16
Срок на експлоатация: 50 години за нормална употреба
Срок на доставка: Налични за нормални размери
Време за производство: 7-10 дни за 20 футов контейнер, 10-15 дни за 40 футов контейнер.
Зареждане Port:Нингбо или Шанхай, Китай

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Минимално количество за поръчка: Договаряне
Цена: Договаряне
Опаковки Детайли: ПП тъкана торба
Време за доставка: В 7 дни
Условия за плащане: 30% депозит за производство, 70% баланс, който трябва да се плати преди изпращане.
Доставка умение: 100Tons / месец
Налични проби  Да, налични са безплатни проби за малък размер. 
Налично персонализирано лого За малко количество поръчка, логото на клиента може да бъде маркирано върху фитингите чрез лазерно маркиране или стикер.
(OEM услуга) За голямо количество поръчка, логото на клиента може да бъде щамповано върху фитингите.
FOB порт за зареждане Нингбо или Шанхай, Китай
Място на произход Нингбо, Китай

● Material: Virgin raw material.

● Работно налягане: SDR17, SDR13.6, SDR11, PN10, PN12.5, PN16.

● Размер: dn63mm до dn800mm.

● Connection Way: Butt fusion welding.

● Употреба: Водоснабдяване, канализация, покриващ кабел и така нататък.

● Warranty: 3 years.

● Срок на експлоатация: Повече от 50 години при нормална среда.

● Working Temperature: -60°to 60 °(service life will be shorted if continue to work under highest or lowest temperature for a long time.)


DPE butt fusion fitting is one of three main methods of connecting the pipes, The consultant engineer will determine the pipe connection method according to the facilities available at the time of work in the specifications of the design. At the moment, the butt fusion connection is used for the main projects of HDPE piping and the flange connection is used for special fittings. PE butt fusion fitting will reached a solid connection to avoid leakage, on the other hand, compared with socket fusion fittings, the maxmum size of butt fusion equal tee can reached to 800mm and satisfy some project which need large dimensions, of cause, products advantages as below:
1. High corrosion resistance, long service life.
2. PE has excellent chemical stability, good flexibility.
3. Light weight, easy to install and lower transport and maintenance.
4. Nontoxic, no Leakage, higher flow capacity.
5. The inside pipe wall is extremely smooth and difficult to leave over dirt.
6. Recycled and environment-friendly.
7. Applied to water supply, drainage, industrial liquid, municipal works, agricultural irrigation etc.


● PE water supply pipe can be used for general purpose pressure water transmission and drinking water transmission. His surface color indicates that his use is mainly for water-related pipes (water supply pipes), gas pipes in yellow, fire-fighting pipes in red and mining pipes.

● There are mainly municipal buried water supply, building water supply (drainage), farmland irrigation, waterscape engineering and so on. In water supply pipeline engineering, PE water supply pipe will eventually replace UPVC pipe.


Sспецификации на
Име на продукта Спецификация (мм) SDR17 SDR13.6 SDR11
HDPE Butt Fusion Equal Tee
(HDPE Tee)




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● First of all, we are professional manufacture in this field for 20 years, professional and experienced engineers and skilled workers to 100% make sure high quality goods, 70% employees worked for company for 12years. Second, more than 50 sets automation injection machines to guarantee the delivery time on time , more than 1000 special molds, and can produce more than 600 specifications of hot-melt, electric fusion, socket fusion and butt fusion HDPE fittings. Third, factory price will support our customers to expand their markets forever. Last, we have more experience to handle big and urgent orders.